Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I started a business...what have I done?!?!

Haha! I still can't believe I signed on for this...but at the same time I am SUPER excited to see where it can go!

Here is a compilation of information from emails and conversations... I would LOVE to share this with you guys! 
My home group leader contacted me a few weeks ago about joining her on selling Rodan + Fields skincare products.  I always get emails from friends who are trying to sell products and they continue to have party after party...and I did not want to do that! Well...Rodan + Fields is not a party company...it's not an inventory business...
It is an anti-aging skin care line (not makeup) company created by the same doctors that created Proactiv…It’s a clinical line, not cosmetic…So it is not makeup but skin care products that actually treat different issues going on (wrinkles, sun-damage, eczema, pimples, etc.).  The company doesn’t host parties…but we do start off with a business launch party. 

Here is the link for the invitation. I am pretty sure most people who read this blog don't live in the metroplex...so I'm sure you can’t make it…but thought I’d send it anyway! 

P.S. Paperless Post (www.paperlesspost.com)  is a great site to send invitation that are more private than evite and look a little nicer. I'm pretty excited about learning about Paperless Post.

 If you would like to just look at the products, you can visit my products site…and even walk through the solutions tool to see what products would be best for you! If it intrigues you, DON’T order from that site. I do have a way to save you 10% and get FREE shipping. J Look through my site whenever you have a minute. reneecole.myrandf.com

Second, I wanted to let you know about the business and see if you might be interested in joining me on this venture!  Please read it knowing that I truly just wanted to share because I can see what a blessing this will be for me and maybe could bless you, too. I would LOVE that!
The Rodan + Fields brand has been around for over a decade (used to be sold by retailers) but they recently brought it to direct sales to expand their market. It is a VERY different approach to direct sales in that we don't have to host parties and we don't have to stock inventory... And since R+F is new to direct sales, there are tremendous opportunities. But at the same time, since it was sold in retailers it already has an amazing following and the reputation of the doctors behind it (esp. because of Proactiv).
I was not looking for anything like this when my friend Emily approached me about joining her team.  I originally thought "no way" because I couldn't imagine adding one more thing to my plate... but then I watched her and in a matter of 2 months she had already started paying both of their car payments from this business!  As I started looking in to the company, I was even more impressed.  Anyways, I thought of you guys because I think each of you would be awesome at this business and it would be a fun way to continue to work with you after the girls leave me at Vines!  This is a great way to bring in supplement income with very little hours a week!  Most people do this job alongside of full time jobs... and they say the busier you are the better because it truly is lifestyle marketing!  I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks and am ready to get things really going after my business launch! Since I am not coaching next year, I am excited to have another way to supplement that coaching stipend. All of the ladies that I have talked to only spend about 3-5 hours a week on their business. Once people use the products, they really do sell themselves. So seriously... I wouldn't even bring this up with you unless I really believed it was a great way to supplement the income.
If you have the slightest intrigue, I would love to visit more... maybe a chat on the phone!  If you would like to do a little more research on your own, I included a couple of helpful links for you. After reading this short little description, if you have no interest whatsoever, NO WORRIES!  I would rather have brought it up and have you tell me "no way, Jose" than for one day you ask me why I never told you about it.  

I hope this doesn't come across too random or forward, but I hope you are encouraged to know that I genuinely would love for this to be a blessing for you as it has been for me!

Renee Cole

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