Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life is Still Good...

...but I'm ready for Jesus to come back!

A few months ago a position came open in my school district for a curriculum coordinator. After some encouragement from different colleagues, I went ahead and applied. I mainly applied so that I would regret not applying after they hired a new coordinator. I applied on a day that my students were extremely frustrating...culminating with a student yelling, "Why are you so mean?!?!" I walked straight to my computer and started the process. Over the next few weeks...I had so much fun with my students. High School kids still make me laugh....they don't care about my class...but they make me laugh. So after opening the email asking me to schedule an interview multiple times...I finally emailed back that I was going to stick to the classroom. My kids this semester have intrigued me and humored me...and had some extremely interesting conversations. Some conversations disappointed me and I was sad for a few hours...some made me smile and made my next class ask what was going on...and some just baffled me and made me hurt for the kid. They might be 15 and 16 but they are still kids who think they are grown-up and who, unfortunately, have to deal with some pretty grown up things at home. Jesus come back!

Yesterday at about 2:30 I was told that I needed to be in a meeting for a special education student that had only been in my class for two days. The meeting started when school started and we were told it would only take a couple of hours (even though we had lawyers involved more people than I've ever seen around our conference table). So...I arrived at 9:00...we started at about 9:40...and we finished at 2:30. No lunch...a couple of breaks...and a sub with no plans for the afternoon in my room. I left the meeting wondering what the world was coming to. The hate felt from the parents trying to help or rectify a situation was so strong...the accusations were tough to sit and listen to. And I left wondering what the world was coming to. Jesus come back!

So I got back to my classroom for the last 10 minutes of one class and then my last period. Because of the day I had not wanting to get my classes off schedule from each other...we were just going to have a free day. So one of my students asked if we could watch Pocahontas. What?? Really?? Sure! So I played the movie while they played games and visited quietly. I had two random but fun conversations with two students. At the end of the day I read the sub notes...and all of my classes had done so well with her. Leaving school today, although frustrated from how I had to spend the school day, I was reminded that I really do love my job. Even if I do get yelled at, cussed at, and disrespected often...deep down...I love it.

Because of the kids I have had this school year I have some great stories...and some of them are DOOZIES! So that I don't forget them, I'll be writing them down here. Most days I wish I could video tape all the kids (mostly boys) who walk into my room. We just stand in the hallway and laugh...cause that's all I can do!