Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 166....Grateful for La Ha... favorite restaurant.
A friend of mine and I go to LaHacienda Ranch for our La Ha nights periodically. We talk, laugh, eat, laugh, catch up, eat some more...and then roll out of the building every time.
We have the same order everytime...and I still love it like it was the first time.
Tonight was a La Ha night. And...I had a gift it was super cheap.
Now...I'm just sitting on my couch (trying to catch up on this blog) and feeling like I just ate a ton! :)

Next time you are in town...let me know and we'll have a La Ha night!

Day 165...Grateful for Inservice???

We had two days of inservice for this other new class I will be teaching. Now...our real inservice doesn't start for another this was in addition to that. I had to read this big textbook before I went and try to kind of figure out some of the curriculum before the inservice. I'm so glad I made the day a little more enjoyable.

The best part was that the district coordinator and another teacher both encouraged me. That is odd...since I didn't get any positive affirmation from anyone at the end of the last school year. I guess they all thought I was going to be in over my head. I still might be...but I think I'm proving that the Lord has me right where He wants me....even if it might not be where my coordinators think I should be. :) This could be a fun year to prove them all wrong! :)

Day 164...Grateful for an Edger...

I started painting my classroom on Monday. I don't know why I always feel like I need to paint my classroom...I love it! Maybe it's the sense of ownership and making it reflect my personality a little bit. I don't know. When other teachers (who wouldn't spend three days painting) ask why I paint my own room...the best response I have is...."If I don't enjoy being in my room all day, then the kids really won't enjoy it."

So I started painting. Usually I use the tape and paintbrush and rollers. But this time, at Home Depot I picked up an edger...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And so much faster!

So next time you paint somewhere...pick one up! Love it!

Day 163...Grateful to be Back...

I don't really know what days this "Day 163" is going to cover...but the last month has been crazy. Here goes.

Three weeks ago, I left for Tyler Texas. I was required (but got paid) to go to a training for two weeks at the University of Texas in Tyler. So I packed up my car and moved into a dorm for the two crazy weeks to come. After 80 hours of class time, many hours spent doing homework each night and over the weekend, a few days of near tears, and many many laughs...I got to leave.

Knowing that my schedule was only going to get worse when I got home, I decided to squeeze in a trip to Arkansas. So...we "graduated" from the training and I hit the road to Arkansas. Around midnight Friday night I arrived in Russellville. Aaaahhh. I got to see the whole Russellville family on Saturday and then headed back to Dallas on Sunday. I was glad to be back (and not living out of a suitcase). 

Yes, grateful to be back!