Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 146...Grateful for Afshin Ziafat....

THAT is the name of the pastor of the church I've been going to. He is awesome! He takes a book of the Bible and goes through it verse by verse. He teaches history, cross-references, demonstrates how it is part of the gospel, and then ALWAYS give great application for our lives today. Here is the title of the new series he started today.

And here is the link to hear some of his sermons...I recommend his testimony!
Providence Church Podcast

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Days 134-145...Grateful for the Last 12 Days...

So...obviously I haven't sat down to blog...but I have still been grateful! Here are just some of the things I've been grateful for lately...notice there are more than 12... :)

  1. Summer...and the summer schedule!
  2. The womens' Bible study that we joined at my new church!
  3. My school...for letting me use the computer in my classroom throughout the day every day.
  4. The full day of training, that I dreaded, for my two week training in Tyler later in July. I made a new friend in a girl that will be going to the July training as well and I feel extremely more comfortable in the challenge that this new class will bring!
  5. A safe trip to Chicago.
  6. Katy...for making some great suggestions as to places to visit.
  7. The best tour guide on the double decker bus...we actually got off the bus at one point...and two hours later, when we got back on, we ended up on the same bus. Random! Billy was great!
  8. Fun safe time at the Cubs game...great family that sat next to us and entertained us most of the night.
  9. Safe travels back to Dallas.
  10. A friend's encouragement and prayer and finding an apartment.
  11. Fun, laughter-filled time at Bible Study.
  12. Laughter and fun times with friends at a Rangers game.
  13. Tina...who helped me figure out my school's website...when no one else really helped.
  14. Fun times and laughter at softball.
  15. Shade and a breeze at the Rangers game today (even though they lost TERRIBLY).
  16. Summer...and the summer schedule. (think I already said that once)
I'm definitely grateful for my full, busy, and challenging schedule! Love it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 133...Grateful for a New Job....

Haha....well a summer job that is.
I started working the summer conditioning program for the female athletes in Plano. It was really fun...and I'll be doing that for 2 hours a day for most of the rest of the summer. I'm pretty grateful for the new summer job!

Day 132...Grateful for a Mavs Win...

Silly I know...but I've never lived in a city when their professional sports team (or one of them) actually wins the championship. It's pretty fun! And I'm so glad I jumped on the bandwagon during playoffs. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 131...Grateful for Time in the Car...

Random I know...but we drove back from Hot Springs today.
We ate breakfast at a recommended pancake place in Hot Springs...pretty great food! Then Karen offered to ride with me for part of the way home and then she and Amy would switch cars and Amy would ride with me.

Well...I was following Jen through town and then to the highway...and I wasn't really sure where I was going. Remember...I don't take I-30 when I go to Arkansas, I drive through Oklahoma. So...I didn't know directions....

Thank goodness Karen and I are good friends...I lost Jen when they turned on the highway (I had to wait on traffic) and then I missed an exit for another highway because I didn't know about the shortcut. Oh well.....
Then we get to Greenville and we were supposed to exit 380..well, I didn't know that...but after 5 miles past Greenville, Karen let me know that when we get to Greenville we need to exit. Oops. :)

Good thing Karen and I like to talk! We made it home safe...but added about an hour to the trip! Lovely....

Day 130....Grateful for Great Friends...

I got to go to a sweet friend's wedding in Arkansas with some great friends of mine. It was such a fun night! Thankful for you girls!

I'll post more pictures when I get one of the group.
Here are Laurie and Todd.

Day 129...Grateful for this Kid...

Love this little guy!

And I got to see him today (Thursday)!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 128...Grateful to go Home...

It's about time...and it's only for a short time...but I'm grateful to get to go home today!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 127...Grateful for the First Day of Summer...

Although it isn't a day of sleeping in and sitting by the pool...I'm so glad it is summer!
I set my alarm to go to boot camp this morning...and somehow I turned it off and don't remember! I woke up at 7:00 on my own. Oops...
Then I waited for the calbe guy to come (yes...I have Internet now)...
Now, off to get my hair cut...then a massage (it was a deal online...I don't pay big money for massages often).  Then Bible Study tonight.
I'd say this is a pretty good first day of summer!

Day 126...Grateful for the End...

I am so grateful that the school year is over...that I can now start to tackle my incredibly busy summer full of learning (my head will be swimming)!
I decided to start taking classes to work toward my school librarian certification. Sometimes I feel silly saying that (because librarians aren't always the cool people in the school building)...but we went to the library so much growing up, they don't have the stress of the classroom day in and day out, and I just thought it would be fun. I have NO IDEA why I chose this summer to start...but here goes!

Other things this summer entails...
  • Learning how to do our school website
  • Changing our school website to what our principal wants
  • Classes at UNT
  • Learning the curriculum for Webmastering (a new class for me for next year)
  • Training for the Engineering Design class that I'm teaching next year...two weeks in Tyler Texas and at least one full day of training in Plano before I go out to East Texas.
  • Working the Summer Conditioning program for a couple of hours each day when they need me
I'm tired just thinking about it!
Here is my table in my apartment with all of the books and studies that I am going to try to get through this summer! We'll see!

Day 125...Grateful for Friends...

I went back to the new church that I have visited (now just twice), and I love it! The pastor is great...the church is small but young and welcoming...and teaches from the Word. A couple of friends and I signed up for the women's Bible Study for this summer. Meredith (who we think might be the pastor's wife) took our money and was so friendly and excited that we had signed up. It makes me very excited to meet some more women from the church.

After church we met some other friends for lunch. Laurie (who's wedding I will be attending this weekend) is from Arkansas, getting married in Arkansas, and then moving to Arizona. She's not a best friend but one I really enjoy seeing whenever I do get to see her. It was a fun lunch, a long lunch, but driving home, it made me realize how grateful I am for great friends. Great friends to visit new churches with, great friends to laugh with, and great friends to celebrate with.

Day 124...Grateful for a Day of Rest...

Granted, the "Day of Rest" should be the Sabbath which is Sunday. But...I had my day of rest on Saturday. I slept in, I iced all of the muscles that were sore from four days of boot camp and two softball games...I sat at the pool for about an hour and a half...and then went to our Saturday night service at Prestonwood. A great (and needed) day of rest!

Day 123...Grateful for Friday...

Today I gave two final exams. These two classes were two of my favorites all year. They were my biggest classes, it was my favorite subject to teach, and they were just good kids...well...most of them.

I was genuinely sad to see them leave...however...TGIF!!!!
I am ready for the weekend!

Day 122...Grateful For a Good Workout...

I needed Jackie to kick my rear tonight! And she did! Thank you!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 121...Grateful for the People I Work With...

Our Athletic Director treated all of the coaches to lunch at On The great! It was a lunch full of laughter, stories, a little school talk, chips and salsa, and sweet tea. Such a great day! Thankful for those people!