Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 188...Grateful for my Favorite Teacher Gift...

I loved getting this gift today!
I had been getting so much food and candy from kids...that this Christmas ornament was so fun to open!

Day 187...Grateful for Zoe's...

I met a friend for dinner on Monday. Erin and I went to the Amazon together last summer and haven't seen a whole lot of each other over the last year and a half. Her life is completely different...and will soon be flipped upside down. We were supposed to meet at a different restaurant, but it was closed. So...Zoe's Kitchen was where we ended up. We even ran into two other friends that we don't see too was great night at Zoe's!

Day 186...Grateful for "Betsy"...

The last two weeks have been extremely busy and pretty stressful.
We took our basketball teams to a tournament in Denton. We brought the A and the B Teams in suburbans. The girls split up and I have 7. I was fortunate to get the "sweet and calm" girls. We had a great time...and they endearingly named the white suburban "Betsy"....because of how great they were...I was very grateful for Betsy.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Days 181-185...Grateful...

Well...seeing as this week was only seems fitting to just be grateful.
Thanksgiving break has been spent mostly in the car for the last few years...but I'm grateful for the people I get to see once I drive there!

I drove home on Tuesday night so I could sleep in on Wednesday (and actually not have to drive for one day).

Wednesday, my mom and I got to visit with my Aunt Kay, Papa, Granny Joy, and then two of my cousin's kids (Gabby and Drake). As always, I'm grateful to get to see them and to be at my grandparents house for the short time I was there.

Thursday, my parents and I took off for Memphis for the day. This is about the only time each year that I get to see the family on my dad's side. I love the Cole family and, although the drive is tiring, I am grateful to get to visit with them on Thanksgiving day.

Friday...we headed up to Bentonville. We got to play with Caleb (who is finally eating a little bit), cuddle with Emily, and watch the Razorbacks suffer a loss with my sister and brother-in-law. Good times...and another car ride back home. I am grateful this year that I didn't get the stomach bug like I did last year.

Saturday...I headed back down to Dallas. I went to one of my friends' houses and watched the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game. It was fun to search through Pinterest and find fun craft ideas with them. I'm grateful for fun girlfriends to watch football with and visit with.

Sunday...I love my church! And I love the friends I have made at church! After church we went to lunch...and then headed off to Michael's to try to find the items needed to make all the crafts we had seen the night before. I am grateful for a good relaxing Sunday (full of craft making!).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 180...Grateful for my Mom....

Today is her birthday...
I love you mom! Know that I am grateful for you...for your example growing up...for your constant support...and for your constant prayers that I know you are praying. I love you!

And here's our "Camp Travis" birthday song just for you mom!

Today is the day, it's a very special day!
Today is the day and we wanted to say...

Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha!

CT is the place that you want to be on this very special day in history!
Hugs and kisses you won't want to miss...
So let's celebrate with a big-ole-kiss!!

Love you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 179....Grateful for Today...

Can't say why...I'm grateful for today. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Just a good day with no stress and an early bedtime. :)

Grateful for today.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 178...Grateful for Home Group Book Study...

This home group that I've joined has decided to do a book study. We, the girls that is, are going through the book Disciplines of a Godly Woman. The book is good...but the conversation today was even better. I'm super grateful for the Word that was spoken today, for the girls that I got to share time with today, and for the great godly examples that I get to do life with.

Day 177...Grateful for a fun night at Top Golf...

I'm thankful that Linda had a we could go play at Top Golf. We froze but it sure was fun! I needed that fun girl's night out.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 176...Grateful for a fun Arkansas Razorback weekend...

This weekend some friends of mine and I went up to northwest Arkansas for the razorback game.

We got to see my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece before the game.

My parents picked up the tab on multiple things.

The beautiful Arkansas fall colors were on display for the drive up the hill.

And even in the cold wind, the hogs got a win.

Grateful for the weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 175...Grateful for my Team Parents...

We had our end-of-season team dinner tonight.
I love mexican food...and we ate at El Norte...a Plano family owned place...and it was yummy!
I love these girls (as I've said before)!
I love that the parents were SO supportive this season.
And I love the the parents set everything up for us!
I have been so scattered with school that I don't even think I realize all that they did to keep us organized. I love it and am grateful!

Here is my A Team after they finished the season undefeated.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 174...Grateful for a Change of Plans...

(I'm kind of cheating today...I am writing two different days posts...but they really occurred on the same day...but I'm so far behind I figure you will forgive me!)

Tonight I had planned on going to my students' football games. I love going to the sophomore football games...I get to see the football players, the band members, the drill team, and the cheerleaders all perform at the same place. 

Because of the weather in St. Lois, the Rangers game was postponed to tonight...I'm writing this as we are leading hopefully this will be the last game! I was a little torn, as I wanted to watch the Rangers.

Well...then the rain started. So...not only was it cold it really started raining. I feel a little bit bad, as I have been telling the kids for two weeks that I was going to come tonight, but on the other hand...I'll take the couch, a blanket, coffee, peppermint mocha creamer, and the Rangers for tonight! I'm grateful for these change of plans tonight!

Day 173...Grateful for a Weather Change...

I love fall. That's one thing I miss down here in Texas. We don't really have fall or's either extremely hot or bitterly cold (for about a month). Today felt like fall...and although I wasn't outside very much today...the few times I walked to my car, I loved it!

I hope it can stay that way for a little while. 

Day 172...Grateful for the End...

Grateful for the end of a season.
This volleyball season was such a blessing. I have loved having these girls on my team this year. They are funny, entertaining, respectful, and extremely talented. They finished the season undefeated...and they showed off during their last game on Tuesday...I started feeling bad for the team we were playing. :)

After our game, we headed over to the Plano Senior High game...the Varsity team was playing Plano West...if Plano (our feeder school) won, then we would have a three way tie for fourth place. The top four teams in the district make playoffs. The game against West was some of the best volleyball I had seen in a long time. I think I enjoyed it even more thinking how excited I would be to come watch Plano play when my girls are playing up there.

I don't think the end of the season really hit me until Wednesday morning. We got to wear jeans and Rangers spirit-wear...and I was so thankful for the comfortable clothes...because I was EXHAUSTED!! Early mornings and late nights twice a week took it's toll on me. But...the end is here...and I'm grateful. tryouts tomorrow morning. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 171...Grateful for Home...

I had a three day weekend this past weekend so I took a quick trip home.
Saturday...I got to watch the Razorbacks with my parents...and then my Aunt and my cousin came by to see the end of the game. Shortly after they left, my grandparents stopped by. (He scolded me for not updating my I'm starting again.) :-)

Sunday we drove up to Bentonville to see my sister's family. These kids made it all worth it.

Emily sleeping.

This morning I met another cousin of mine at Stoby's for breakfast before heading back to Plano.
It was a great visit...and once again makes me grateful for home.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 170...Grateful for Rachel Scott...

Rachel Scott was the first student shot in the Columbine shootings. Because of her diaries and how she lived her life, her family has started the organization called "Rachel's Challenge"...we are having Rachel's Challenge week this week at school.

We did an assembly Monday (awesome speaker...many tears in the crowd)...Powder Puff Game on Tuesday...Power of One discussions on Wednesday...and then Play Day (lunch outside and sold from area vendors) on Friday. It's a fun week for the kids...but most importantly some kids have really taken to Rachel's Challenge...kindness...start a chain reaction...random acts of kindness. Although I feel like a lot of my students are trying to act against Rachel's Challenge on purpose (for attention and what-not)...we still have one phrase that all students understand and most are supportive of.

Grateful for Rachel Scott...and what her life stood for.

Day 169...Grateful for Providence...

I've been attending a new church...called Providence Church. I've blogged about the pastor...but now I can say I'm grateful for the church and for "Providence".

I went to the women's retreat last weekend in Denton. The two girls that I joined the church with went as well...we were staying in a hotel-like retreat center and were to have four people in a room. A very brave single girl had visited the church a couple of times and knew that to get involved, she should go on the retreat. So...Lauren roomed with us...and we love her!

I also visited a home group last Thursday...those girls are fabulous. Leslie and I went...and another single girl was visiting that night too. We made the single girl total rise to 4...which doubled the number of girls to guys...oops. But the couples are was so fun to see them at church...and it was great to feel like we actually knew someone at church!

Providence church has revealed God's providence in my life. I'm grateful for Providence.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 168...Grateful for My Volleyball Girls...

I really has been a lot longer than 168 days...but that's how many I've "blogged" or at least tried to catch up.

So here goes today's blog.
My Volleyball team...both the A and the B team precious!
The A Team is undefeated...they haven't really struggled with any teams yet...well one team we did but the next time we play them I think it'll be a different story. The B team has only lost two district game and then the championship game of their tournament today.

We had 6 girls from the A Team come and cheer on the B Team all day...literally all day. They all love to dance, and I think that, besides winning, their goal is to make us laugh. They are so cute.

If I had a different group of girls this year I think my year would be even harder than it already is. I'm EXTREMELY thankful for them. They really make me laugh!

Here is the A Team at our tournament a few weeks ago where we took 1st place.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 167...Grateful for my Grandparents...

First....I know...I'm WAY behind! I think about writing all the time...and then I don't. School is crazy, volleyball is in season (we are undefeated by the way), and college football has started! All are excuses...but I just haven't sat down to blog.

A friend pointed out tonight that my grandpa is probably logging on each day to check and see if I have written a new post. seemed only fitting that on Grandparents Day I should post a "Grateful for my Grandparents" post today!

In honor of my Cole Grandparents...I love them and miss them. It's been a while...but I still have a picture of Papa and Grandma and the five of us gradkids hanging on my wall. I think it might have been the last time we were all together...or at least the last time we were all together and took a picture.

My Jacobs Grandparents are still living in the same house that they have lived in for as long as I have been alive. When I was a kid, we would walk down the street, across the little creek and right to their house. They lived just around the corner, but crossing the creek just seemed more exciting! We had many camping trips with them, we all  went to the beach for their 50th wedding anniversary, and we all went skiing with them. I might grandpa taught almost the whole family how to ski. He is very patient!

It is very rare for anyone to know both sets of grandparents for as many years as I's very rare for couples to make it to 50 years of marriage...and both sets of my grandparents made it that far...and beyond! Both families are leaving a legacy of faith, love, and service to their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren.

Such a blessing! And Papa...since I know you will be reading...I love you!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 166....Grateful for La Ha... favorite restaurant.
A friend of mine and I go to LaHacienda Ranch for our La Ha nights periodically. We talk, laugh, eat, laugh, catch up, eat some more...and then roll out of the building every time.
We have the same order everytime...and I still love it like it was the first time.
Tonight was a La Ha night. And...I had a gift it was super cheap.
Now...I'm just sitting on my couch (trying to catch up on this blog) and feeling like I just ate a ton! :)

Next time you are in town...let me know and we'll have a La Ha night!

Day 165...Grateful for Inservice???

We had two days of inservice for this other new class I will be teaching. Now...our real inservice doesn't start for another this was in addition to that. I had to read this big textbook before I went and try to kind of figure out some of the curriculum before the inservice. I'm so glad I made the day a little more enjoyable.

The best part was that the district coordinator and another teacher both encouraged me. That is odd...since I didn't get any positive affirmation from anyone at the end of the last school year. I guess they all thought I was going to be in over my head. I still might be...but I think I'm proving that the Lord has me right where He wants me....even if it might not be where my coordinators think I should be. :) This could be a fun year to prove them all wrong! :)

Day 164...Grateful for an Edger...

I started painting my classroom on Monday. I don't know why I always feel like I need to paint my classroom...I love it! Maybe it's the sense of ownership and making it reflect my personality a little bit. I don't know. When other teachers (who wouldn't spend three days painting) ask why I paint my own room...the best response I have is...."If I don't enjoy being in my room all day, then the kids really won't enjoy it."

So I started painting. Usually I use the tape and paintbrush and rollers. But this time, at Home Depot I picked up an edger...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And so much faster!

So next time you paint somewhere...pick one up! Love it!

Day 163...Grateful to be Back...

I don't really know what days this "Day 163" is going to cover...but the last month has been crazy. Here goes.

Three weeks ago, I left for Tyler Texas. I was required (but got paid) to go to a training for two weeks at the University of Texas in Tyler. So I packed up my car and moved into a dorm for the two crazy weeks to come. After 80 hours of class time, many hours spent doing homework each night and over the weekend, a few days of near tears, and many many laughs...I got to leave.

Knowing that my schedule was only going to get worse when I got home, I decided to squeeze in a trip to Arkansas. So...we "graduated" from the training and I hit the road to Arkansas. Around midnight Friday night I arrived in Russellville. Aaaahhh. I got to see the whole Russellville family on Saturday and then headed back to Dallas on Sunday. I was glad to be back (and not living out of a suitcase). 

Yes, grateful to be back!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 162...Grateful for the Inner Battle....

We read in the Bible about the battle between flesh and Spirit. Today I'm grateful for the battle. Lately, I have been so focused on getting things done, or enjoying time just sitting watching TV, or reading through Kindle books, or something like that. And unfortunately my time in the Word has diminished and become not-quite the same priority that it used to be. I hate it. I go to bed each night regretting that I didn't start my day in the Word and thinking that I'll start again tomorrow. Ugh....

I feel like Paul..."For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree with the law that it is good. So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me. For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me." (Romans 7:15-20)

However, I'm grateful for that inner battle...with the struggle, I know that the Spirit in me in still struggling. As a pastor once said, "I only fear the day that the Lord removes His hand from me..." meaning...I want the Lord to continue to ask of me, no matter what it is and no matter how much I will screw it up, because I KNOW He hasn't given up on me!

I'm grateful for that battle today...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grateful to be caught up!

I'm going to miss a few days...but I actually had some pictures to we'll match some of the blogging with some pictures.

Friday and Saturday (Day 156 and 157)...Grateful for my Family...
My parents came in on Friday. Always great to see them!
Here is dad playing golf at Top Golf...I kind of missed Father's Happy Father's Day dad!

And then we met up with my cousin and her family and some of my friends for a Rangers game. The Rangers were behind for most of the game...and then the bottom of the 9th inning, 2 outs, Josh Hamilton hit a 2 run home run to win the game! Such a great night!

Sunday (Day 158)...Grateful for a night with little Joseph Rayburn! Although he slept for most of the time Paul and Mary Grace were gone, we still got to play some. :) Cute little guy!

Monday (Day 159)...Grateful for a Random Dinner Night
I think I got out of the shower at about 6 Monday night...sat down with wet hair and no make-up...and started working on school work. I got a text and then a phone call...dried my hair...and headed out to dinner at 8. Mexican food...good talks...and closing down the restaurant.  That was a great night!

Tuesday (Day 160)...Grateful for Bible Study
I love our Tuesday night Bible Studies. Our group is very random, but very consistent...the same girls are there each week. The study itself has a lot of weird questions and are sometimes hard...but the talk and the discussion is usually really good. I'm really liking this new church!

Wednesday (Day 161)...that's today!...I think I just missed a few days!
Today I'm grateful for a productive day. I received an email on Monday night from a lady who went through the training that I'm going to start next week. I got pretty overwhelmed by the training itself, not to mention that I need to get ahead in school so I don't really have to worry about it. So...I started really working on school.

I have learned some really cool things to use in my classroom this year...
if you are teacher, or just like cool things online:

Other than that...I read what I needed to read while working out at the gym, completed two assignments, and emailed all my eSchool kids to let them know I would be out of town! LOVE being productive!

I'm behind...

I will do my best to catch up today!
Crazy summer...and little blogging!
I'll try to catch up!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 155...Grateful for Lists...

I LOVE lists! I will make a list of the most menial things that I need to get done just so I can mark it off of the list. I made a list yesterday...

As you can see I got all but one thing done...I was in the middle of working on that chapter and I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I just went to bed. I felt so accomplished!

Also...on my "list" of summer things to get finished...I have a LOT marked off! Today I was able to launch the bare minimum priority pages of our school's website (so one HUGE weight lifted) and I found a new apartment (and the rent was lower than I was quoted on Friday AND it is in the very back of the complex....I'm thinking QUIET!!!). Two huge things to mark off today! Aaahhh....I love lists....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 154...Grateful for the Fourth...

I'm grateful for all the Fourth of July means.
Grateful for freedom.
Grateful for all those who gave their lives for my freedom.
Grateful for the holiday itself.
Grateful for a friend living in we can go watch the Coppell parade each year.
Grateful for the Fourth!

Day 153...Grateful for a Pool Day...

I haven't had as many pool days this summer as I did last summer (which is probably great for my skin). Today (Sunday) I did! About 2 hours...sunscreen...stayed in the water the whole time...but it was great! Grateful for a pool day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grateful for Days 147-152...

Obviously I haven't been very good at blogging during the summer...Sorry!
Here is my attempt at summing up the week.

Day 147...Monday
~Grateful for my mornings...I wake up at about 8 or 8:30 (sometimes 9)...get dressed to work out (or really to make high school athletes work out)...make my coffee...and sit and read. I love it! Great time in the Word!

Day 148...Tuesday
~Grateful for my principal. I think I've used that one before...but I had a meeting with her on Tuesday about our schools' website. Since I'm now in charge of it, and it didn't look very good, she wanted me to update it. So...I met with her to get some ideas. In the meeting she talked about this past school year (well, the end of it) and was very complimentary and positive...and gave me even more respect for her than I already had. Grateful for Shauna.

Day 149...Wednesday
~Grateful for Katie. I met Katie, an old roommate of mine, for dinner. We sat at Panera for almost 2 hours. It was so good to catch up with her again. I'm grateful for her friendship.

Day 150...Thursday
~Grateful for fun times with fun friends. They have this new thing in Allen called Top Golf. Although I am terrible, it is still so fun to go. I met a few friends out there Thursday night and, although I didn't leave with any pride left, I sure did have fun. Golf is hard...but Top Golf makes is a lot more enjoyable!

Day 151...Friday
~Grateful for a fun, hot night at the ballpark. And...we got to see fireworks!

Day 152...Saturday
~Grateful for Jarrett. Although I have been going to a different church (which I mentioned last Sunday), I went to the Saturday night service at Prestonwood tonight. Jarrett spoke on Psalm 15..."Character Counts". Such a great reminder of how short I fall to the standards of holy living...and that it is only through salvation that I will one day reside with Christ on "the Holy hill." Thank you Jarrett.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 146...Grateful for Afshin Ziafat....

THAT is the name of the pastor of the church I've been going to. He is awesome! He takes a book of the Bible and goes through it verse by verse. He teaches history, cross-references, demonstrates how it is part of the gospel, and then ALWAYS give great application for our lives today. Here is the title of the new series he started today.

And here is the link to hear some of his sermons...I recommend his testimony!
Providence Church Podcast

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Days 134-145...Grateful for the Last 12 Days...

So...obviously I haven't sat down to blog...but I have still been grateful! Here are just some of the things I've been grateful for lately...notice there are more than 12... :)

  1. Summer...and the summer schedule!
  2. The womens' Bible study that we joined at my new church!
  3. My school...for letting me use the computer in my classroom throughout the day every day.
  4. The full day of training, that I dreaded, for my two week training in Tyler later in July. I made a new friend in a girl that will be going to the July training as well and I feel extremely more comfortable in the challenge that this new class will bring!
  5. A safe trip to Chicago.
  6. Katy...for making some great suggestions as to places to visit.
  7. The best tour guide on the double decker bus...we actually got off the bus at one point...and two hours later, when we got back on, we ended up on the same bus. Random! Billy was great!
  8. Fun safe time at the Cubs game...great family that sat next to us and entertained us most of the night.
  9. Safe travels back to Dallas.
  10. A friend's encouragement and prayer and finding an apartment.
  11. Fun, laughter-filled time at Bible Study.
  12. Laughter and fun times with friends at a Rangers game.
  13. Tina...who helped me figure out my school's website...when no one else really helped.
  14. Fun times and laughter at softball.
  15. Shade and a breeze at the Rangers game today (even though they lost TERRIBLY).
  16. Summer...and the summer schedule. (think I already said that once)
I'm definitely grateful for my full, busy, and challenging schedule! Love it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 133...Grateful for a New Job....

Haha....well a summer job that is.
I started working the summer conditioning program for the female athletes in Plano. It was really fun...and I'll be doing that for 2 hours a day for most of the rest of the summer. I'm pretty grateful for the new summer job!

Day 132...Grateful for a Mavs Win...

Silly I know...but I've never lived in a city when their professional sports team (or one of them) actually wins the championship. It's pretty fun! And I'm so glad I jumped on the bandwagon during playoffs. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 131...Grateful for Time in the Car...

Random I know...but we drove back from Hot Springs today.
We ate breakfast at a recommended pancake place in Hot Springs...pretty great food! Then Karen offered to ride with me for part of the way home and then she and Amy would switch cars and Amy would ride with me.

Well...I was following Jen through town and then to the highway...and I wasn't really sure where I was going. Remember...I don't take I-30 when I go to Arkansas, I drive through Oklahoma. So...I didn't know directions....

Thank goodness Karen and I are good friends...I lost Jen when they turned on the highway (I had to wait on traffic) and then I missed an exit for another highway because I didn't know about the shortcut. Oh well.....
Then we get to Greenville and we were supposed to exit 380..well, I didn't know that...but after 5 miles past Greenville, Karen let me know that when we get to Greenville we need to exit. Oops. :)

Good thing Karen and I like to talk! We made it home safe...but added about an hour to the trip! Lovely....

Day 130....Grateful for Great Friends...

I got to go to a sweet friend's wedding in Arkansas with some great friends of mine. It was such a fun night! Thankful for you girls!

I'll post more pictures when I get one of the group.
Here are Laurie and Todd.

Day 129...Grateful for this Kid...

Love this little guy!

And I got to see him today (Thursday)!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 128...Grateful to go Home...

It's about time...and it's only for a short time...but I'm grateful to get to go home today!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 127...Grateful for the First Day of Summer...

Although it isn't a day of sleeping in and sitting by the pool...I'm so glad it is summer!
I set my alarm to go to boot camp this morning...and somehow I turned it off and don't remember! I woke up at 7:00 on my own. Oops...
Then I waited for the calbe guy to come (yes...I have Internet now)...
Now, off to get my hair cut...then a massage (it was a deal online...I don't pay big money for massages often).  Then Bible Study tonight.
I'd say this is a pretty good first day of summer!

Day 126...Grateful for the End...

I am so grateful that the school year is over...that I can now start to tackle my incredibly busy summer full of learning (my head will be swimming)!
I decided to start taking classes to work toward my school librarian certification. Sometimes I feel silly saying that (because librarians aren't always the cool people in the school building)...but we went to the library so much growing up, they don't have the stress of the classroom day in and day out, and I just thought it would be fun. I have NO IDEA why I chose this summer to start...but here goes!

Other things this summer entails...
  • Learning how to do our school website
  • Changing our school website to what our principal wants
  • Classes at UNT
  • Learning the curriculum for Webmastering (a new class for me for next year)
  • Training for the Engineering Design class that I'm teaching next year...two weeks in Tyler Texas and at least one full day of training in Plano before I go out to East Texas.
  • Working the Summer Conditioning program for a couple of hours each day when they need me
I'm tired just thinking about it!
Here is my table in my apartment with all of the books and studies that I am going to try to get through this summer! We'll see!

Day 125...Grateful for Friends...

I went back to the new church that I have visited (now just twice), and I love it! The pastor is great...the church is small but young and welcoming...and teaches from the Word. A couple of friends and I signed up for the women's Bible Study for this summer. Meredith (who we think might be the pastor's wife) took our money and was so friendly and excited that we had signed up. It makes me very excited to meet some more women from the church.

After church we met some other friends for lunch. Laurie (who's wedding I will be attending this weekend) is from Arkansas, getting married in Arkansas, and then moving to Arizona. She's not a best friend but one I really enjoy seeing whenever I do get to see her. It was a fun lunch, a long lunch, but driving home, it made me realize how grateful I am for great friends. Great friends to visit new churches with, great friends to laugh with, and great friends to celebrate with.

Day 124...Grateful for a Day of Rest...

Granted, the "Day of Rest" should be the Sabbath which is Sunday. But...I had my day of rest on Saturday. I slept in, I iced all of the muscles that were sore from four days of boot camp and two softball games...I sat at the pool for about an hour and a half...and then went to our Saturday night service at Prestonwood. A great (and needed) day of rest!

Day 123...Grateful for Friday...

Today I gave two final exams. These two classes were two of my favorites all year. They were my biggest classes, it was my favorite subject to teach, and they were just good kids...well...most of them.

I was genuinely sad to see them leave...however...TGIF!!!!
I am ready for the weekend!

Day 122...Grateful For a Good Workout...

I needed Jackie to kick my rear tonight! And she did! Thank you!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 121...Grateful for the People I Work With...

Our Athletic Director treated all of the coaches to lunch at On The great! It was a lunch full of laughter, stories, a little school talk, chips and salsa, and sweet tea. Such a great day! Thankful for those people!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 120...Grateful for a Good Day...

Today was just a good day. Nothing great kids were a little sentimental today with, "Ms. Cole, are you gonna miss us?" ...or "Ms. Cole, you are one of my favorite teachers." ...or "(silence)" those kids!

Terri and I had a good day...we worked together on book count and she even gave me some suggestions on some stuff for next year.

We had a coaches inservice...that was only about 45 minutes that was great. Then off to Boot Camp. So...after just over 700 calories, my first snow cone of the summer, and then a night watching the Mavs (hopefully a win)'s just been a good day.

And now I'm tired. :)

p.s. My apartment complex is changing our cable service as of tomorrow. Since I am going to move out (which I cannot wait to do) in a couple months, I just got the cheapest deal I could, and that didn't include Internet. So...I'll blog at school when I can (our filter will randomly block blogspot). So...don't worry if you don't hear from me for a while. I'll still write down my gratitude-s and post them when I can catch up! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 119...Grateful for my Grandfathers....

Thank you to Papa Hank and Papa Troy for serving in the military.
Thank you to all the men and women who give their lives to protect mine.
Thank you!

Day 118...Grateful for a Word from Church...

Today, we visited another new church. I really liked it. The pastor has been teaching through the book of Jonah. We were on chapter 3 on Sunday. He literally taught the chapter verse by verse. It was a really good sermon. One point he brought out of the text was how God continues to show us that He will give us second chances. Moses....Abraham....Jonah. In Jonah chapter 1..."Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah..." and then in Jonah chapter 3..."Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time..."

The Lord had to rescue Jonah...but He still spoke to a man running from Him. Praise the Lord for second chances. :)

Day 117...Grateful for Family in Town...

I love when family comes down here to visit!
This weekend, my cousin Karin and her family came down to visit and to celebrate little Sophie's birthday. It was a fun day.
I met the girls at American Girl for lunch....the girls got their ears pierced (Sophie even got her dolls' ears pierced)...all the kids and Karin ice skated...

We were planning on going to the Rangers game...but the kids just wanted to swim. I ran a few errands while the "decision" on the night was made but...Joey talked Eli into going to the game. As he was going to buy two tickets for them in the cheap seats, a man offered them two of his tickets for free. Not only free...but second row behind home plate!
Here is a picture of Eli.

Karin and I were both glad we didn't all try to go to the game...otherwise they would have missed out on that great opportunity. :)

I hung out with the girls at the hotel pool. I did pick up some cupcakes for us all....but as I was driving, the box took a spill on the floorboard. They didn't look cute anymore...but they sure did taste good!
It was a fun day with family.

Day 116...Grateful for Little Victories...

I have been coordinating our schools' Biggest Loser Competition for the last couple of years...but I've never won any of the money prizes. Well, I decided that I was going to win (or at least place) in this competition. We competed as couples just like the show. And...well my partner and I took the lead at the beginning of the competition...and somehow managed to hang on and win! Wahoo! $40 whole dollars to split between us! :-)

Still....grateful for little victories!

Day 114 and 115...Grateful for Dinner with Good Girlfriends...

Things have been really busy...and busy in the for Wednesday AND Thursday, to be able to go out to dinner and visit with two great girlfriends. I feel blessed. Blessed with their friendships and blessed to know them. So, I'm grateful for dinner with good girlfriends.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 113...Grateful for Learning Something New...

So, I get to be in charge of our school's website next year (don't look right now...cause I'm not working on it yet...and my principal wants me to change it)...and I'll be teaching Webmastering. Well, my new district coordinator for that new class has sent me a huge book on HTML and CSS (it really is a different language...that I learned in college) and I started working through it today. I really did enjoy it. Even though I'm a little overwhelmed by the new classes for next year...a glimpse of the challenges for learning something new makes me a little more excited.

Day 112...Grateful for a Fun Night at the Ballpark...

Monday night...a GREAT night at the ballpark.
It rained all day...well, actually stormed...but dried up by 6:00 when we headed to the ballpark.
The weather was wonderful....
We received a Josh Hamilton figurine when we walked into the ballpark...
Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz returned from their injury rehab....
Josh Hamilton's first at bat...a line drive shot over the right field wall.
And the Rangers won in just over 2 hours (which is huge since it was a school night!)

It was a GREAT night at the ballpark!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 111...Grateful for Church...

I'm kind of in a spot in my life where I know I need a change...I want to meet new people...I want to visit and experience a new church family...but it's kind of intimidating.

So this morning I went back to a church a friend of mine and I had visited...
And of course, they were sending all of the members over to their new worship center to pray over it (as well as some other things)...and the visitors were supposed to stay with the pastor and "talk". I left encouraged and kind of excited about the experience...but before I moved to a closer seat, I had the feeling that I remember having on my first day of Junior High...and then again on my first day of High School. I enjoy the pastor, I enjoy the church, and I'm glad I was there today.

Here's my favorite quote from the sermon today...
"It's our job is to humble ourselves. It's God's job to exalt us.
If we try to do God's job, then He WILL do our job."

Day 110...Grateful for Movie Day...

I really enjoy when my Saturday is really empty...and I can do whatever I wish! :-)
Of course I was responsible for the first part of the day...Boot Camp...laundry...cleaned out some drawers from my dresser...cleaned my room...but then it was time for a movie!

A good friend of mine and I went to a matinee (to get the tickets at the low price of $7.50...ha!) and then drove over to the dollar movie (well, actually a $2 movie). They were great shows and it was a great relaxing day! I love movie days!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 109...Grateful for Spring Cleaning...

So at school on Thursday or department head was gone...I have been told we need to clean out our office...too much junk...and I was motivated for some spring cleaning! filing cabinet down...and only two more to our shelves. I feel so productive...I mean...we teach technology classes...pretty sure we don't need handouts from 2004 anymore... :-)

Day 108...Grateful for Programs at School...

So tonight, Thursday, I went to see our school musical. Thoroughly Modern Millie. Let me just say...we have some very talented freshmen and sophomores. I laughed the whole way through. It was opening night, so there were a lot of "oops" moments...but good grief they were awesome! So...I'm glad we still have these programs at school for our kids to show off their talents.

I'm putting it here in day Mary Margaret Flaming will be on Broadway, on TV, or in the movies somewhere....She's. That. Good.

Day 107...Grateful to Say No....

I had a long day on Wednesday. I finally was able to go through some emails about schedules and such for the summer and trainings for school. My summer is packed. I haven't said "No" to anything yet...I said yes to VBS at church...I said yes to working the Summer Conditioning Program...I said yes to going to Chicago...I said yes to a two week training in Tyler for a new class...I said yes. Don't get me wrong...I'm so THANKFUL for my job!'s overwhelming right now.

I had to take a co-worker to the airport and then get up to the church by 6:00 for a VBS meeting. Well, I was over 45 minutes late to the meeting, walked all over the childrens' area to figure out where to go....and then to find out I still needed to go get a badge. I was so tired from the weeks leading up to Wednesday that I just left and cried the whole way home.

Looking at my calendar that night, I knew I had to say no to some things.
I had to say "No" to VBS (I would have only been able to be there for three days anyway).
Although I hate saying no and letting some people down, and putting a friend in a little bind...I felt one huge weight lifted off my shoulders. So great! So today (well, Wednesday) I'm grateful to say "No"!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 106...Grateful for the Downhill Side...

So for the last few months I've been juggling three big things plus being a teacher. Well...Saturday the race happened and all the volunteer coordinating was over.
Monday...I was able to send in all 7 seniors' final grades that I have been teaching in eSchool...finally!
And tonight...we had our annual Viking Awards assembly (that our art teacher and I pretty much put togehter).

Aaahh....breathing a sigh of relief...
Only 16 days of school left...but who's counting. :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 105...Grateful...

My heart is still overwhelmed by Saturday. I am still just grateful to have been a part of the first annual Head For The Cure North Texas...grateful to know Stevie and be able to call her my friend...grateful to be able to help make just a little impact to something so much greater than me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, and 104....

What a week it has been!!!
I pulled out a notepad last night to write out each day of what grateful I have been for this past (crazy!) week! If you haven't heard....we had the First Annual 'Head For The Cure-North Texas' 5K race yesterday morning. It was my first time to be on the working and creating side of a 5K race...and it was AMAZING! Here is why!
(fyi....this will be long...there are links to stories and videos that I totally want you to read and get the idea of the week)

Monday...Packet Stuffing... know when you sign up for a race, and they tell you to pick up your bib number and your t-shirt at "packet pick-up"? Have you ever thought about how the packet got stuffed? All those fliers, all those discounts, all those goodies? Well, I always just went through the packet and kept what I liked and threw the rest away...with no regard as to how it got into the packet in the first place. Hmm....someone, or some group of people...had to pick up each of those "goodies" and put them in the packet just for me to go through and throw away. Well, that is exactly what we spent Monday night doing. I'll was long (3 hours or so) was tedious...we laughed...Stevie ordered us pizza...but after the experience we had Saturday morning, the three hours seems like nothing!

Tuesday...Jackie...what can I say???
This was the one night I didn't have anything to do for the race. So...I went to boot camp...and Jackie kicked my tail! I did terrible....but felt great after! Thanks Jackie! Love you!

She looks really sweet...but class is a killer!

Wednesday....On-Site Meeting...
So apparently right before a race, you have an on-site meeting. So you can see where everything is going to be located, where we set stuff up, and allows us to visualize the morning of the race. Thankfully it rained (thankfully only because we knew it wouldn't rain on Saturday)...but it made 'visualizing' pretty tough. I was one of the last ones to get my directions from Gerryl (our race director) as I was sitting there talking through the volunteers and how Saturday will work...Shari (the one in charge of getting Head for the Cure to North Texas) kept asking why I wasn't nervous...cause she was! me it wasn't a big deal...I just needed to be ready to tell 120 people where I needed them to work when they showed up Saturday. When I left, I got in my car and started I supposed to be nervous?? No...I shouldn't be. I have great friends that signed up to help...and they were amazing. Here is a reminder of why we were doing all we did!

Dallas Morning News- Running Headlines

Thursday...Packet Pick-Up Day 1...
We had packet pick-up Thursday afternoon...and then we went to dinner with Stevie and her family as well as some of the staff for Head For The Cure (in Kansas City). What a super reminder of why we are going the race and why we are all going crazy with details.  It was awesome to hear from Stevie's parents on what they were thinking as they received updates in Oklahoma from their daughter Tyler (the one responsible for sponsors for the race) on the numbers and work being done down here in Texas. All for their daughter. I left thinking how encouraged they must be to know what an influence their daughter has on so many peoples' lives. Here is the promo video of Stevie and Brandon...two of the people whose stories were embraced from the very beginning.

Head for the Cure You Tube Video

Friday...Packet Pick-Up Day 2...
So at packet pick-up the second day, we spent a lot of time discussing the final things for the race (as well as help people get their packets, bibs, and t-shirts). One volunteer that came to help is a brain cancer survivor herself. Deborah was amazing. She is going through her second round of chemo right now. She actually completed the 5K...received a "Keeping the Faith" award...and looked amazing doing it. Deborah made my night...such an encouragement!

Saturday...Race Day!!!
Here are a couple of pictures from the race. I was busy telling people what to do so I personally didn't take any pictures...but I downloaded these. Here were the numbers from race day. Remember...we had originally thought the race would have 250-500 runners, would only need about 50 volunteers....and here is how it ended up! Only God can receive the glory!

2219 registered
62 teams
791 donors donating over $56,800
126 volunteers
We grossed $152,000 - all for brain cancer research! 
Runners Ready!!
And they are off!!!
Praise the Lord for my 120 volunteers...I was there at 5 am...and they arrived shortly after. None of this would have taken place without them. And...Texas was right on schedule with crazy weather! We were FREEZING...and these volunteers served their hearts out! AMAZING!!!
Our Team that made it all happen!
I went home and read in the quiet for a little bit, slept for about 30 minutes, and then met a few of my FCA kids for a rough-riders baseball game.
Here are a couple of the girls that I sat in the grassy area with...
Then everyone else came and sat with us...then they all is how the "teacher" feels when they all go get food together and leave me to save their seats. :)
I had to sleep in...I was exhausted! My body only needed about 8.5 hours...but I got that much sleep...woke up without an alarm...and loved it! I had some time to read the Word...I made cinnamon rolls (like I used to have on Sunday mornings growing up)...wrote this blog...and then I headed to the Rangers game! Thanks Rachel for the invite!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 97...Grateful for My Mom...

I'm grateful for you mom!
I love you!
I'm also grateful for all the mom's in my you all! 
Happy Mother's Day!

Day 96...Grateful for a Full Day...

Not so sure I'm grateful that it was a full day...but it was a fun day. Here is how my Saturday went...

Our FCA for the Plano schools had a 5K run to raise money to send kids to FCA camp this summer. I  had a few FCA kids running so I made an appearance to show them my support.

They even had Bevo (the UTexas mascot) in attendance!

I had enough time to get some breakfast, shower, and get to a baby shower for a girl I coach against. She is a great coach, teacher, fellow FCA leader, and loves the Lord. 

I ran home to wrap the next gifts...and then drove to my friend Laurie's wedding shower. It was a kitchen shower...but we also all received a recipe card to add a favorite recipe for Laurie to put in her recipe box. Then as we left, our little party favors were little chocolate candies with a prayer card attached. Each was for a different day leading up to the wedding and something specific to pray for Todd and Laurie. I picked up the candies dated with Sunday's date. Praying for you (and so happy for you) Todd and Laurie!

I had to leave Laurie's shower a little early in order to get to the next shower in time to deliver the gift. to Cassie's baby shower. We are soon to Baby Benson any day now!

I had about an hour before the next item on the agenda. Our schools' drill team, The Vikettes, had their Spring Show on Saturday night. Although I was super tired and just wanted to relax, I am SO GLAD I went...the girls did an awesome job...they had a guys' dance in which I had multiple of the guy students in class as well...and then our drum-line performed, in which our FCA had a great representation! It was such a great show!

Grateful for this full day to be over!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 95...Grateful for Friday....

Man...this time of year is tough...busy busy are ready to be out for summer, teachers are ready to be out for summer...but we are all still going to school day in and day out.

My students are creating games using Flash (animation) to review for their final exam. They are definitely creative and have kept me laughing all week over their ideas. I mean...there is one game called "Illegal Immigration"...

Each "traveler" is trying to cross the border from Mexico. If the traveler gets the question right then they will make it over the wall. If the traveler gets it wrong...the stick figure runs up the wall...and then tumbles down off the screen. Is it a little questionable? Yes. of the two group members is from Mexico himself so they can't say the group is being racist...instead everyone so far has taken it "tongue and cheek" and we have all gotten a great laugh out of it.

Even though I had a day off in the middle of the week...even though my kids have made me laugh A LOT...I am still SO GRATEFUL for Friday!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 94...Grateful for my Kids...

A day away from my students was definitely what I needed...
And I think they were as excited to see me back as I was to see them....
Crazy what a day away will do!

Love those kids!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 92 and 93...Grateful for Rest and Sick Days...

I was feeling a sinus infection coming on...not that it has become a true sinus infection...I have been super tired and a little stressed with three big deadlines coming up for things I'm kind  of in charge of...or at least super busy with.

Well, driving to school yesterday I figured out that to have a break...I would need to take today off...otherwise it wouldn't be until after school is out. (which I'll take that break as well!).

So I got home from work yesterday and went to bed for a couple of hours...woke up still all sinus-y...ate a little bit and went back to bed.

It was so great to get up without an alarm...make breakfast...and have my coffee while watching Regis and Kelly. Great day of rest...thanks to a sick day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 91...Grateful for These People...

I've been thinking about my family a lot today...
I'm grateful for these people...