Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 174...Grateful for a Change of Plans...

(I'm kind of cheating today...I am writing two different days posts...but they really occurred on the same day...but I'm so far behind I figure you will forgive me!)

Tonight I had planned on going to my students' football games. I love going to the sophomore football games...I get to see the football players, the band members, the drill team, and the cheerleaders all perform at the same place. 

Because of the weather in St. Lois, the Rangers game was postponed to tonight...I'm writing this as we are leading hopefully this will be the last game! I was a little torn, as I wanted to watch the Rangers.

Well...then the rain started. So...not only was it cold it really started raining. I feel a little bit bad, as I have been telling the kids for two weeks that I was going to come tonight, but on the other hand...I'll take the couch, a blanket, coffee, peppermint mocha creamer, and the Rangers for tonight! I'm grateful for these change of plans tonight!

Day 173...Grateful for a Weather Change...

I love fall. That's one thing I miss down here in Texas. We don't really have fall or's either extremely hot or bitterly cold (for about a month). Today felt like fall...and although I wasn't outside very much today...the few times I walked to my car, I loved it!

I hope it can stay that way for a little while. 

Day 172...Grateful for the End...

Grateful for the end of a season.
This volleyball season was such a blessing. I have loved having these girls on my team this year. They are funny, entertaining, respectful, and extremely talented. They finished the season undefeated...and they showed off during their last game on Tuesday...I started feeling bad for the team we were playing. :)

After our game, we headed over to the Plano Senior High game...the Varsity team was playing Plano West...if Plano (our feeder school) won, then we would have a three way tie for fourth place. The top four teams in the district make playoffs. The game against West was some of the best volleyball I had seen in a long time. I think I enjoyed it even more thinking how excited I would be to come watch Plano play when my girls are playing up there.

I don't think the end of the season really hit me until Wednesday morning. We got to wear jeans and Rangers spirit-wear...and I was so thankful for the comfortable clothes...because I was EXHAUSTED!! Early mornings and late nights twice a week took it's toll on me. But...the end is here...and I'm grateful. tryouts tomorrow morning. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 171...Grateful for Home...

I had a three day weekend this past weekend so I took a quick trip home.
Saturday...I got to watch the Razorbacks with my parents...and then my Aunt and my cousin came by to see the end of the game. Shortly after they left, my grandparents stopped by. (He scolded me for not updating my I'm starting again.) :-)

Sunday we drove up to Bentonville to see my sister's family. These kids made it all worth it.

Emily sleeping.

This morning I met another cousin of mine at Stoby's for breakfast before heading back to Plano.
It was a great visit...and once again makes me grateful for home.