Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Start to School

School started off great this semester....it definitely helped to have two weeks away!

However now it seems as if I had my classes for a month now....rather than just four days! The week was busy and full...but good!

Monday started off with a depressing note of the weigh-in at Weight Watchers...but it will be good. Eating and working out has been really good this week!

The rest of the week was full of school, volleyball/basketball, and the 30 day shred video. So getting up, Friday morning I was tired and not extremely motivated about going to school....and The Lord decided to show off! This is a pic from a stoplight by my house....picture doesn't really do it justice...but it was a super good start to the day!  (Will have to load picture later)

Now....volleyball tournament and my first visit to a new home group Sunday night! Looking like a good weekend!!!

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