Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 170...Grateful for Rachel Scott...

Rachel Scott was the first student shot in the Columbine shootings. Because of her diaries and how she lived her life, her family has started the organization called "Rachel's Challenge"...we are having Rachel's Challenge week this week at school.

We did an assembly Monday (awesome speaker...many tears in the crowd)...Powder Puff Game on Tuesday...Power of One discussions on Wednesday...and then Play Day (lunch outside and sold from area vendors) on Friday. It's a fun week for the kids...but most importantly some kids have really taken to Rachel's Challenge...kindness...start a chain reaction...random acts of kindness. Although I feel like a lot of my students are trying to act against Rachel's Challenge on purpose (for attention and what-not)...we still have one phrase that all students understand and most are supportive of.

Grateful for Rachel Scott...and what her life stood for.

Day 169...Grateful for Providence...

I've been attending a new church...called Providence Church. I've blogged about the pastor...but now I can say I'm grateful for the church and for "Providence".

I went to the women's retreat last weekend in Denton. The two girls that I joined the church with went as well...we were staying in a hotel-like retreat center and were to have four people in a room. A very brave single girl had visited the church a couple of times and knew that to get involved, she should go on the retreat. So...Lauren roomed with us...and we love her!

I also visited a home group last Thursday...those girls are fabulous. Leslie and I went...and another single girl was visiting that night too. We made the single girl total rise to 4...which doubled the number of girls to guys...oops. But the couples are was so fun to see them at church...and it was great to feel like we actually knew someone at church!

Providence church has revealed God's providence in my life. I'm grateful for Providence.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 168...Grateful for My Volleyball Girls...

I really has been a lot longer than 168 days...but that's how many I've "blogged" or at least tried to catch up.

So here goes today's blog.
My Volleyball team...both the A and the B team precious!
The A Team is undefeated...they haven't really struggled with any teams yet...well one team we did but the next time we play them I think it'll be a different story. The B team has only lost two district game and then the championship game of their tournament today.

We had 6 girls from the A Team come and cheer on the B Team all day...literally all day. They all love to dance, and I think that, besides winning, their goal is to make us laugh. They are so cute.

If I had a different group of girls this year I think my year would be even harder than it already is. I'm EXTREMELY thankful for them. They really make me laugh!

Here is the A Team at our tournament a few weeks ago where we took 1st place.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 167...Grateful for my Grandparents...

First....I know...I'm WAY behind! I think about writing all the time...and then I don't. School is crazy, volleyball is in season (we are undefeated by the way), and college football has started! All are excuses...but I just haven't sat down to blog.

A friend pointed out tonight that my grandpa is probably logging on each day to check and see if I have written a new post. seemed only fitting that on Grandparents Day I should post a "Grateful for my Grandparents" post today!

In honor of my Cole Grandparents...I love them and miss them. It's been a while...but I still have a picture of Papa and Grandma and the five of us gradkids hanging on my wall. I think it might have been the last time we were all together...or at least the last time we were all together and took a picture.

My Jacobs Grandparents are still living in the same house that they have lived in for as long as I have been alive. When I was a kid, we would walk down the street, across the little creek and right to their house. They lived just around the corner, but crossing the creek just seemed more exciting! We had many camping trips with them, we all  went to the beach for their 50th wedding anniversary, and we all went skiing with them. I might grandpa taught almost the whole family how to ski. He is very patient!

It is very rare for anyone to know both sets of grandparents for as many years as I's very rare for couples to make it to 50 years of marriage...and both sets of my grandparents made it that far...and beyond! Both families are leaving a legacy of faith, love, and service to their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren.

Such a blessing! And Papa...since I know you will be reading...I love you!