Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28...Grateful for a Peaceful Day...

No big events happened today.
No spiritual revelations occurred today.
No hilarious stories to share.
No big thing has struck me that I'm grateful for...other than a peaceful day.

Tomorrow we are giving the TAKS test (the standardized test that Texas has all students take)...It is Monday which is usually a pretty difficult day...but the kids were pretty calm...the two parent meetings I had went very smooth...and the day ended with a very good volleyball practice and a yummy dinner.

So today I'm just grateful for a peaceful day.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27...Grateful for Sweet Friends...

I have probably already used that "Grateful" line...but I am today. I love Paul and Mary Grace and their little boy Joseph. I get to see them once or twice a month...and maybe even more when sand volleyball season starts...heehee. I met them at camp...before they even knew each other.

Mary Grace is one of the funniest people I know. When she would work on the ropes course (when I was one of the leadership staff out there) she was always entertaining...the first and greatest of which was her eagle "caw"...we laughed the whole time. Then, a few years later, she and I co-lead a covenant group great! Love her! They have a cute little 5 month old...who apparently had a little upset stomach today...even after all the vomit...he is still precious!

Paul is a fellow teacher and I love hearing his take on the education system and our jobs. He and Mary Grace are both as competitive as I am and they both love to play games. My favorite story about Paul...he was subbing on my softball team one summer...we were winning by one run, we had two outs, bases were loaded...all we had to do was get one more out and we would win. They hit a fly ball to Paul...and it hit his glove and bounces out. We didn't care...but apparently (according to Mary Grace) he kept replaying it over and over and kept talking about it. 

I'm grateful for all the little times I get to spend with this precious family!

I stole this picture from their facebook. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 26...Grateful for Ice Packs...

Ha! So I went to boot camp again this morning. (I think I need to start publishing my workouts each day for accountability...since I'm sure one of you would ask me about it) It was a great workout...and here are the results... packs on the ice pack and one package of frozen veggies.

Day 25...Grateful for Fun...

Last night was a fun night. I went bowling with my Bible Fellowship class from church (well...the class I used to be really involved with and now just go periodically). I rode to dinner and bowling with a girl that I used to disciple and her roommate (another good friend). We laughed the whole way to dinner and bowling. We laughed the whole time while bowling...and even planned a little trip this summer. Both of us have the same goal of trying to visit all 50 states. Gonna get two more in this summer!

And...I'm going to even start meeting with Haley excited!

(I'll post pics when I get them from Jenny)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 24...Grateful for Wendi...

I got to have dinner with my good friend Wendi tonight. Wendi and I were roommates for something like 6 years. There were usually other roommates also around, but for 6 years she was one of my roommates. Now...she is married, has a little one year old boy Luke, and is due to have her second baby in May. Crazy!

I think (okay really "know") that a huge "growth spurt" in my spiritual journey happened here in Prestonwood. Wendi played a major role in that as well. She and I are very very different...yet a lot alike. We completed marathons together...went to Weight Watcher weigh-ins together...each directed our respective Bible Fellowship classes and compared stories...laughed a lot...both cried during Rudy and could watch  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days over and over (and we did). She's pretty great!

I love getting to visit with her...even if it is just for a little bit with Luke being very distracted and "busy"'s always great!

Thanks Wendi! I'm grateful for you!

At Wendi's wedding

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 23...Grateful for the Fieldhouse...

This is a sarcastic post. Fieldhouse USA is a big warehouse in holds 12 basketball courts, an indoor soccer arena, workout area, food court, martial arts area, etc...also, my boot camp is held on one of the well as where my club volleyball team practices. Because of scheduling conflicts...I have been to the Fieldhouse every day since Sunday! Four days in a row!

They opened a little yogurt shop (just like all the other yogurt shops all over North Dallas) called Purple Kiwi. The girls get yogurt every night after practice. I intentionally don't take money into the gym so that I can't get any yogurt. Tonight however...being the fourth night in a row to try to resist yogurt...I gave in. And one of the parents even paid for mine!  It was great!

So tonight...I'm grateful for the Fieldhouse...well, grateful that I don't have to go back up there until Saturday morning. :)

The view as I drove in tonight...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22...Grateful for Grace in Salvation...

So...still reading in Leviticus...but now I'm to the section on the sacrifices. I remember reading through these laws and rules and regulations on sacrifices last year. I know that if I lived in Old Testament time I would be making sacrifices like crazy.

Those sacrifices can't help but remind me of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for me. Now...I live forgiven...when I do sin (which unfortunately is more often than I care to admit) I don't have to kill an animal, I can simply humble myself, repent, and ask for forgiveness.

Thank you Lord for grace in salvation.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 21...Grateful for the Holy Spirit's Conviction...

I'll admit I definitely didn't like the conviction at first! But after the fact...when we listen to the Holy Spirit...there is no guilt, no worrying, and no anxiety. Only peace.

Now, the conviction today wasn't that big of a deal (at least that's what I thought at first). I had wanted to go to a different class than I had signed up that I knew we aren't supposed to go to. It's a beginner class and once we do the regular class we can't go to the beginner. However, my schedule is pretty crazy right now (not really busy, but awkward times of things each night) so I'm having trouble getting to the regular classes. I had asked the teacher of the beginner class that would fit into my schedule and she ok'd it. So...I was going to go. But the Holy Spirit had a different idea...

At the end of my class tonight, I asked Stevie if it was okay. She said no. She couldn't make exceptions and so the answer would always be no. Hmm...well...I didn't like the answer...I kept thinking of the money I had spent, how I wasn't really going to get my money's worth...all the negative.

However, once I got home and started thinking about my day and what big thing stood out to be grateful for...I'd have to say, the peace of knowing that I ultimately did the right thing (however big or small) by listening to that little voice inside (aka the Holy Spirit) something to be grateful for.

I know I've been slacking on pictures.
I'll add some from the weekend at home once I get them from my family (there were enough cameras that I didn't take mine out). 
Can't really decide what to post for the Holy Spirit...will just wait until tomorrow for a pic!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20...Grateful for the iPod..

Um...the 5 and a half hour drive back to Plano gets longer each time. The drive to Arkansas is not as long...but coming back always seems to take forever! So...this time I decided to set my iPod on shuffle and wouldn't let myself hit skip (unless it was a Christmas song) the whole time. It really helped make the time go faster. So...I was grateful for my iPod today!!!

Day 19...Grateful for Family Fun..

So today (Saturday) we had a little family get-together party at my parents house for my nephew's birthday. All of my family on my mom's side came to the house. After a couple of hours...a kickball game ensued out in the backyard. We had everyone from my Uncle Larry and all of his kids, their husbands, his grandkids (6-11 years old) and then me and a couple of my other cousins. We laughed a lot...there were some tears...but we played until the sun went down. So fun!

Then it was off to a Japanese restaurant for my cousin Jackson's birthday. fun!

I really enjoyed being at home and having family fun time!

Grateful for family fun!

Cute kid being cheesy for attention!

And Happy 2nd Birthday to my most favorite nephew ever!
Playing in the tunnel I got him for his birthday. He actually wasn't scared of this gift from me. The puzzle I gave at Christmas scared him. :)
Playing with my cousin Justin.
My mom, Granny Joy, and Aunt Kay
My sister, cousin Tonia, and cousin these girls!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 18...Grateful for Home...

(Friday February 18th)
Home...I like coming home...
Arkansas is a lot slower pace than Dallas...and I'm always reminded when I get into Arkansas on I-40 (I guess in preparation for my hometown). People are passing in the left lane going the speed limit...which means the one in the right lane is going slower than the speed limit. I think drivers in the metroplex think that the speed limit is the speed minimum (and I'm not saying I haven't joined right in with them).

Also...home is where mom and dad take care of, laundry, coffee in the morning...LOVE IT!

Glad to be home for the weekend!

Kind of dark...but my house as I arrived home on Friday night.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17....Grateful for My Nephew...

Caleb is 2 years old today!!!
Happy birthday Caleb!


Love this kid!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 16...Grateful for the Israelites...

Weird thing to be grateful for I know. Don't think too deep...just think of them as God's chosen people that He delivered from Egypt (slavery) and then had them wander around the desert for 40+ years.

Here is why I'm thankful for them. They were God's chosen people...they saw miracles happen before their eyes...and they still messed up! They messed up big time...but the Lord continued to love and bless them (although not without consequence). Even Aaron, who helped the Israelites make the golden calf while Moses was on the mountain meeting with God, was still called to be the priest. Forgiveness!

That is how the Lord responds to me (us). He still continues to bless me...even when I mess up...even when I mess up big time! He still loves me. I am more like the stubborn, selfish, stiff-necked Israelites than I would like to think. But God will forgive me. He has chosen me to be one of His children...and for that I'm grateful!

2 Thessalonians 2:13
"...God chose you as the firstfruits to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth."

Thank you Lord for giving me examples of people that mess up like I do...but also that you will forgive me...and continue to love me. And that is why I'm grateful for the Israelites...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15...Grateful for Friends who Pray...

I wouldn't say I've been struggling or hurting or anything...but just kind of down and lonely...but really not a big deal. However...I just kind of kept pushing it aside and going on with my days...which have been great!

Today though...two different friends of mine that don't even know each other and I haven't seen in a few weeks...both emailed me and said they had been thinking about me a lot and just wanted me to know and to have a great day! They had no idea what they were praying for or what was going on. Amazing...I don't think I knew how I was really feeling until I read their emails.

So today...I'm grateful for friends who pray...

Romans 8:26 
"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans" old picture...but Mary Grace is one of the sweet friends to email today.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14...Grateful for Stevie...

So I have been coaching two sports for the last month and a half. That has taken up four of the five nights in the week...and then my class at church was the other night. So...workouts were short and definitely not the same as the boot camp workouts that Stevie puts me through.

The new session started last week...but after thinking for a week about how much I missed it (and how gross I was feeling about myself), I signed up...also incurring the late fee!

I would say I was pretty embarrassed to go back to the class that I used to love!

That is until I saw Stevie again. Stevie is amazing...she is killing the battle with brain cancer...she is always happy, always smiling, and always looking to make us healthier. And she welcomed me back like I had a never left. Well...other than me being slower and very out of shape!

In fact...after 100 sit-ups, she asked my group if we could feel it (while pointing to her abs) which I replied..."I just feel fat and can't believe I quit doing this." And her ever positive response was..."Well at least you are doing something about it now." Yes...and thank you Stevie! Grateful for you today!'s definitely a love-hate relationship with this company!!! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13...Grateful for the Sun...

Being the crazy Texas weather that we have...we were out of school on Wednesday for was still on roads on Thursday...and this weekend it has been beautiful and around 60 degrees and SUNNY!!!

Although I did spend most of the weekend indoors at a volleyball tournament...walking outside and having to squint because it is sunny...was awesome!

I love the sun...I don't necessarily like the heat...but I love the sun!

Grateful for the sun today!

I didn't take this picture...but I thought it was pretty..sunny days make for great sunsets!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12...Grateful for My Parents..

I just had the opportunity of driving two girls back and forth from church for their evening session of our Prestonwood Youth's Freedom Weekend.

A friend of mine was hosting the group of girls, but between her car and her co-leader's car...they didn't quite have enough seats to transport all of the girls. So...I got to drive two of them.

The girls were very sweet...very funny...and laughed the whole way to church.
After church, they shared about the was blown away by the worship and one made the decision to be baptized. The conversation would have been awesome if they had stopped there. Both girls though began to share about their families. 

One girl has never lived with her father...said her father knows every way to contact her but chooses to have nothing to do with her. At the same time, she has another "dad" that is her "legal dad" and he also wants nothing to do with her. She shared before she got out of the car that she has found her confidence, her joy, and her love from her Heavenly Father...more than any father on earth could love her.

The other girl was kicked out of her house last year...she went to CPS last year and they did everything in the file except legally emancipate her from her mother. Her biological father is in prison...her mother is addicted to drugs and sex. The student is now a Christian, living with a friends' family, and thinks she is now a part of a "normal" family.

When I got to where I needed to drop them off, I told them why I am amazed at the two of them. They said that they feel like everything in their life is normal...they are extremely happy...and they are grateful for the Lord in their lives.

Mom....Dad...I'm grateful to you for making my life feel so normal...and for introducing me to my Heavenly Father. Thank you. I love you.

Love you Mom and Dad!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11...Grateful for Friday...

Why grateful for Friday?? Well...there are obvious reasons...the weekend is here!
But also...I get to have a Sonic drink again! I LOVE SONIC!!!

I have been trying to follow this eating try to do well in our Biggest Loser competition at school...and the book I am following says that Diet Coke is "belly bad"...hmm.

So..I'm saving money by not hitting Sonic for a soda everyday...and it sure makes me grateful for Friday when I get to have my treat! ;-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10...Grateful for Happy Endings...

So driving home tonight I was trying to decide how to word "Grateful for the basketball season to be over." And I came up with "Happy Endings."

My little basketball team (our freshman b team at school) came in last in district...we did win 2 games...which just means that the four bottom teams were all pretty bad.

Well tonight, we had our end-of-the-season tournament. We were seeded 10th place out of 10 teams. We played Lewisville...a team that we definitely could beat.

I have a little rag-tag team of 7 girls...and two of which would probably never make a basketball team again (sounds harsh...but true). I sub the two on the bench every two minutes since everyone has to get playing time. We may not have the best skill...but those 7 girls have the best hearts...and they played their hearts out tonight.

We were tied at the end of the first quarter, we were down by six at the half, we were down by 5 after the third quarter...and then we tied it up with a minute to go. We ended up losing by 2 points.

These girls do literally exactly (yes, redundant) what I tell them to do...that is...
Until I am screaming for them to foul....screaming for the last 30 seconds of the game...
They had been taught not to why would I be telling them to foul???
Then the buzzer goes off. The end of the season.

Ecclesiastes 3:2-8
"a time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;
a time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
a time to seek, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
a time to tear, and time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
a time to love, and a time to hate;
a time for war, and a time for peace."

Today is a time love. Most of these girls might not ever play basketball again...but I am sure grateful that they played for me this season. And I'm even more grateful for the end of the season.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9...Grateful for Today...

Today is our 5th Snow (or Ice) Day in two weeks.
I am grateful.

Where I plan to spend most of the day! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8...Grateful for My Job...

Yes...cliche...thank you Lord for my job.
However...I have a friend who cannot find a job...and friend who just got laid off...and other friends that just aren't happy in their jobs but are stuck. Today (tonight) I'm grateful for a job that I love!

I love my students.
I yell at my students.
I get frustrated with my students.
I laugh with my students.
I learn from my students.

I talk for 5 whole minutes between classes with my co-workers.
I get to have a whole 20 minutes for lunch.
I get to still operate on a bell schedule.
I get to grade papers constantly.

And I love it all!
I teach 9th and 10th grade computer/technology classes. Right now, two classes are learning how to operate a database (I took the class in college) and my other three classes are about to start brainstorming and creating a commercial for an original product that they create. Their creativity (and sometimes the lack of it) never ceases to amaze me.

Here is the sign that I see each day as I walk into our school (I couldn't find one of the front of the school). I've had funny conversations with my students...I've had serious conversations with my students...but what I love is at the end of each class, at least half of them say "Bye Ms. Cole", another group of them will say, "Have a great day." While others will take their time to chat after class. I love it.

I can't say that everyday is wonderful or that I don't get frustrated or that some days I don't wonder why I do this job...but I know the Lord has called me to this school and to this occupation.

My prayer for my job...
Colossians 3:23-24
"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."'m grateful for my job.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7...Grateful for a Schedule...

So after being off four days for snow (mainly ice)...I kind of forgot what it was like to be on a schedule. I went to our Saturday night service so even on Sunday my schedule was thrown off. I had been staying up too late on my days off and sleeping in (because that's what you do when you are off) each the alarm at 6:00 this morning kind of hurt.

However, while getting ready for school this morning I methodically went through what all I had to do today and what I needed to get done when I would fit it in. All was well with the schedule (we had found out our basketball game was canceled for tonight)...I was going to get a workout in, my reading for Perspectives finished, and grocery shopping all tonight! That is...until I got to school today. We found out that there was a possibility that we might have our game tonight. What?!?!?! That throws my whole schedule off!

Well, we aren't having our game tonight. I love having the schedule of a school day (yet sometimes long for my life to not revolve around a bell schedule or semesters)...I love being able to have an evening to plan for what I need to get done. And just be able to mark that "event" off my list! the post tomorrow have to be about "being grateful for God's schedule..." (He works like that you know..)

Here is my color coded calendar...I LOVE to schedule things!
 I know the pictures haven't been too exciting...I'll try to get more creative!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6...Grateful for Belonging....

I didn't know how to write out exactly what I am grateful for today...belonging is as close as I could get to what I meant. Here is the explanation.

I am going through a class at my church called Perspectives. It's essentially a missions course (can be taken for credit at some colleges so there is a LOT of reading) ...yet the whole idea of the course is to explain God's perspective throughout the Bible as a whole...not just a collection of small stories put together. I have already learned a lot in the three lessons we have had...but the one I finished today (due to the weather I had to watch the speaker on video) just stuck out to me.

The lesson was on the Kingdom of God and what that means. (I'm going to do a lot of rough paraphrasing of what the speaker that I don't have to keep typing..."the speaker said...") As westerners we don't really understand what a Kingdom means. We don't have a King and haven't had a King. We do have a government...but even with the government we don't like for them to be too invasive in our lives.'s an example of how the Kingdom of God works.

As believers, we become citizens and ambassadors of the Lord to the world. As scripture states (and excuse me for not looking up the exact reference), we are no longer citizens of this world...rather we are strangers in this world and we are only here until the Lord decides to take us home. This world is not our home! Here is the example that nailed it all home...

On your US Passport...did you know you have to sign it? do. But...if you look at the statement the the US government makes, that you are's very interesting.

"The Secretary of State of the United States of America hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the citizen/national of the United States named herein to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of need o give all lawful aid and protection."

So, in essence, the government of the United Sates is extending its hand of protection to its citizens when they are in a foreign country...because we are not citizens of the foreign country. Now...relate that to the Lord. We are not citizens of this world...we are citizens of Heaven...God reaches out and extends His hand of protection over our lives here in this that we may further His Kingdom that is in Heaven. 

I probably really butchered what the guy said on the video...but that example really stuck out to me...of course I am so thankful to be a citizen of the United States...but I am left today grateful to the Lord for my "belonging" in His Kingdom!

Sorry the picture isn't exciting...but just showing you that it really is in a passport! Mine!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5...Grateful for Laughter...

Maybe because we have been locked up inside for 4 days...
Maybe because we are (almost) all teachers and we are used to talking all day...
Maybe just because we are good friends and don't all get to see each other very often.
Whatever the reason...I just had a two and a half hour lunch with some girlfriends. It was great! Three of us teach in Plano and see or hear from each other fairly often...a different three of us all coach for the same volleyball organization but never see each other...we all go to the same church but don't see each other often (which happens when you go to a huge church). Anyway...laughter is healthy...laughter is good...laughter is fun...and, today, laughter was refreshing! It was so great to be around great girlfriends after 4 days of pretty much being alone.  Thank you Lord for friends and laughter!

Here is a picture of most of us that were at lunch...this was a couple of years ago when we were visiting Cape Cod. Pretty fun trip...and pretty fun girls!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4...Grateful for New Mornings...

Last night I was driving in from a friends' place and ended up in the middle of all the snow coming down. It normally takes me about 15 minutes to get home from their place...but last night it was almost 40 minutes I think. There weren't many cars on the road so I didn't really worry about my safety, I just wanted to get home.

So, when I pulled into my parking spot at my complex, I got all my stuff together, climbed out and stepped onto the curb like normal, and then headed to my apartment. Well, I guess I forgot that there was still a thick layer of ice under the snow that was falling...and slid. The slide reminded me of the Cowboy's snow game that they had one Thanksgiving (I think that's when it was) and one of the Cowboys slide in the endzone...on one foot and one knee. Yes...that was me. No one was there to laugh with I giggled and got up. I think I was so flustered that I just wanted to get inside and slipped again. Funny...but cold.

The point of all of that is...
If you looked in the parking lot last night, it would have looked like a kid had been playing in the snow from my two falls. However, this morning, my tracks were completely covered. There were knew tracks of someone taking their dog out. But mine were no where to be seen.

That's just how God's mercies come every morning. His mercies are new every morning...and we get to start again on God's work for our lives fresh EVERY MORNING!

Just as the author of Lamentations wrote:
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. 'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'Therefore I will hope in Him.'" Lam 3:22-24

Not only is His mercy new every morning...but He is going to provide just enough grace for me to make it through the day!

"...My grace is sufficient for you..." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Here is a picture of where my tracks should have been. The snow is beautiful here today! And I can't believe we have been out of school since Monday! Wow!

That's my car nearest the tree. You can't really see the curb I fell off of...but I slid pretty much across the car tracks that you can see. Uggs (or fake ones) don't really have much traction. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3...Grateful for Jesus...

Pretty broad thing to be grateful for huh? Of course I'm grateful for Jesus, He saved me! However, my Bible Reading this morning was in Leviticus...I know, very exciting! :) But two things stood out to me...

(1) The Lord still appointed Aaron to be the high priest...even though he had just led the Israelite people to make the golden calf while Moses was on the mountain meeting with the Lord (and getting the Ten Commandment). So, not only had Aaron messed up by creating an idol...he led God's chosen people to do the same. But then God, because of His forgiveness and grace, allowed Aaron to still be named the High Priest.

(2)Without Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice for my sins...I don't know that I could bear all the blood and sacrifice for all my sins. I had enough trouble dissecting a frog in high school...much less bulls and rams and lambs.

So...because of Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice for my sins...I am a fallen yet forgiven child of God.
And because of Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice for my sins...I don't have to dissect any animals to atone for my sins! Praise the Lord!!!

(picture to come later today...haven't ventured onto the roads in three days...might try later...which would definitely be picture worthy!)

First picture: This is where my friend Mindee and I went just to "get out" of our houses. Along with a lot of other people who also looked like they finally braved the weather! We ran into 6 people we know from church....crazy!

Second picture:  Can you see the call box on the ground? I guess someone didn't prepare for the turn into the apartment complex...oops. This ice is no joke!!!

Third and Fourth Pictures: mom might be mad at me for these pictures...but...I had gone to some friends' apartment just to have some people time...and didn't leave before the snow! It was actually easier to drive on the snow than the ice. But maybe the pictures give you a little taste.
(mom I was pretty much stopped when I took them)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Two...Grateful for a God of Details...

Not only Day 2 of Blogging...but "Snow Day Re-Do"...yes...out of school again. And...since I can't really sit still for very long, I got all my "productivity" stuff done yesterday. What to do today???

Although I don't enjoy getting out of bed...I REALLY enjoy mornings that I have time to enjoy my coffee and daily Bible Reading. This year I'm reading through the Bible chronologically. The New Living Translation makes reading through the details of building the tabernacle and sacrifices (Exodus right now) a little easier...I'm grateful that God is a God of details...but sometimes the reading of the details in scripture is tiresome. :)

I recommend the Chronological Bible to anyone wanting to read through the Bible in a year! Especially the New International Version!

Also...since I am off work for the day...I thought I'd share with you about my morning...

I woke up this morning at about 6:45. First of all, why? When I need to get up early I never wake up on my own...but when I can sleep eyes open early...grr.

Anyway...I got up and went to the bathroom (typical morning)...and tried to turn on the light. No power. I now know, by reading facebook, that it was a "rolling blackout." How was I supposed to know at 6:45 in the morning?? Since I blow a particular breaker fairly often, I knew what lights were on the same breaker. So I tried another light switch. Nothing.

I went back to bed. As I lay there, I thought about what I could get done today, and what would happen if the power didn't come back on.

Here are the things I actually thought of (in order) and got sad about not being able to I took pictures...hopefully you'll think it's funny too. 

"Oh no. The coffee pot won't work. Well...I have the individual coffee bags...but that takes a long time. Oh wait..."

"The microwave won't work. For the water for the individual coffee cups AND for all the food I have cooked ready to be re-heated for my meal plan. Hmm."
"Crud...the toaster won't work either. What do I have in the pantry that I can make on the stove...hmm.."  I guess I was hungry! 
"So, I guess I can't watch TV. Bummer."
"Oh man. But what about the movies I was going to watch. Oh...this is going to be a long day..."
And the last thing that came to my mind (ironically)....
"No heat! It's going to get so cold!!!"'ll be glad to know, as I was, that when I woke up (at a comfortable 9:00 in the morning) the power was on, the heat was running, and shortly after I got out of bed, the coffee pot was brewing! Happy Snow Day Re-Do!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gratitude and Pictures...

I want to be more grateful. I want to see things as a blessing from the Lord. And I want to be able to look back at a year of gratitude. So...hopefully...each day I'll have something I'm grateful for and a picture from that day. We'll see how long I make it!

Day One...
Today...I'm grateful for a day off. Thanks to the crazy weather of Texas, we are out of school, I'm scared to drive...and the Lord has managed to get me locked up in my apartment to read. I have a ton to read for Perspectives (a class I'm taking at church) and am a day behind on my daily Bible reading. So....thanks to the ice and snow (mainly ice)...I'm grateful for a day off to sit and read...and enjoy my coffee!

The parking lot outside my apartment. Not really snow...ICE!

My welcome mat outside...the wind blew the ice to my doorway!